The Unified Autonomous Operating System for Industry 4.0

GreneOS brings a paradigm shift to your enterprise business capabilities by delivering artificially intelligent decision-making. It frees humans from mundane and repetitive decisions to build future-ready autonomous enterprises.

GreneOS powered self driving enterprises are capable of learning, self correcting and continuously evolving to deliver next generation human experiences.

We leverage AI, ML algorithms and cognitive computing to deliver tailor-made and transformative enterprise solutions to enable business intelligence and automation

Automate Decision Making

Automate repetitive decisions with advanced artificial intelligence. Free humans to focus on more critical and strategic matters.

Conserve Important Resources

Save important resources by cutting down time spent on manual or semi manual workflows, past data analytics and slow paced decision-making.

Enable Remote Working

Unleash the full potential of your distributed and remote teams with real time workforce intelligence

Upgrade to Robotic Automation

Drive digital transformation and supercharge your automation efforts through Robotic Process Automations (RPA) with Cloud Robotics.

The World’s First Enterprise OS is here

GreneOS Suite

Grene Go + Grene Office + Grene ARP + RPA



World’s Most Advanced Enterprise Mobility App



Remote Workforce Management



World’s First Autonomous ERP

Meet Tony

Your Enterprise Virtual Assistant

Tony is an AI-enabled autonomous virtual assistant. It can take requests from employees, customers or management and find the best possible resources to ensure that a request is fulfilled in the least amount of time and expenses. Like most other AI bots, Tony is not a rule-based bot. Powered by machine learning capabilities, it can learn, adapt, continuously evolve and take decisions in real time using sensory data.

Everyday, GreneOS manages


Connected Assets


Remote Workers


Connected Customers




Emergency Cases

Our Clients Love Us!

“The team at Grene Robotics brings in a unique blend of Telecom domain expertise and disruptive thinking which helps reimagine traditional ways of working to deliver transformational outcomes. Add to it their agility of thought and execution and you have a partner whom you can truly depend on to co-create and evolve compelling business solutions.”

Head – Order Management, Vodafone Idea Limited

We Deliver 

100 % bespoke enterprise solutions

Our solutions are custom designed for your organisation and its unique culture, not for its entire industry. We know that no two companies are the same, neither should their ERPs be. We don’t make cookie cutter solutions. 

4-6 weeks implementation, fastest in the industry

You read that right, only 4-6 weeks, not months! 

The only upgrade your enterprise needs

Make automation work for you