Meet the World’s First Autonomous ERP

Using AI to transform business operations

“It is only at times like the Covid-19 pandemic that we realize how poor decisions of the past can have devastating impacts on the future. So we built an ERP that automates the most important thing in an enterprise: resource planning decisions. GreneOS takes smarter real-time decisions.”


– Kiran Raju, Founder

Industry 4.0

GreneOS powered enterprises are self-driving

The future enterprise is self-organized, decentralized and entirely autonomous. Grene ARP creates a more efficient, flexible and fully autonomous organization by connecting people, intelligent machines and cognitive systems.

What is an Autonomous ERP?

The shift from traditional ERP to Grene ARP brings a copernican shift in enterprise business capabilities.

Bespoke for your organisation 

Grene ARP is bespoke to the needs of a company that allows it to capture the culture of the organization.We dont belive in one size fits all cookie-cutter solutions. 

Agile Roll Out

With Grene’s evolutionary system, you can respond to markets faster and efficiently. You can implement, test and scale a new process overnight, unlike traditional ERPs where workflows are rigid.

Fastest Implementation 

Grene ARP offers the fastest implementation in the industry. You will be up and running with Grene ARP in less than 4-6 weeks. Yes weeks, not months. 

With our ZERO code development process we can deliver a custom solution faster than anyone else in this industry. 

Reduce Costs by 30% 

Our game-changing pay per transaction pricing model eliminates the need of spending a fortune on steep installation and development costs.

Increase revenues by 70% or more

GreneOS brings 100% of your resources on to the platform. Smart, real time interactions between your resources lead to better decisions and time-bound actions.

Transform Customer Engagement

An easy and conversational interface enables all levels of individuals to carry out complex tasks without the learning curve. Start delivering results immediately with ease and confidence.

Ready for Remote Working

Be ready for the future and make your enterprise mobile. Grene ARP comes packed with Enterprise Mobility solutions to manage remote and distributed teams. 

Autonomous Decision Making

Grene ARP makes autonomous decisions in real-time, increasing operational efficiency and speed with zero to minimal human involvement.


Autonomous Resource Planning (ARP)


Autonomous Customer Engagement


Autonomous Visitor Management

Real-Time Intelligence

Say no to past and legacy data. Grene works with real-time sensory data from the business environment to make autonomous decisions like a self-driving car.


Real-time Customer Engagement


Real-time Resource Management


Real-time Operational Intelligence


Real Time Business Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence

Connect the physical world to your digital data with location-based data intelligence. Leverage your geospatial data to solve business problems exactly where they occur without losing precious time or customers.

Robotic Process Automation

GreneOS powers self-driving robots for efficient automations, scale and productivity

Boost your teams’ productivity with robots from farm to factory, delivery drones to driverless trucks, finance, healthcare, and governance.    

We deliver artificially intelligent, innovative and cutting-edge software and technology to run your robot workforce, scale and drive business growth. Grene’s Robotic Process Automations (RPA) tools are designed to automate and supercharge your operations, workflow and communications.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate repetitive, routine work to improve business processes with bots that can fill documents, send emails and much more.


Autonomous Drones

AI-driven drones are ready for deployment with varying payload, distance and functions. No pilot required. 

  • Delivery drones
  • Surveillance drones

Autonomous Robots

AI-driven robots can autonomously run and manage your operations.

  • Warehousing robots
  • Factory robots
  • Delivery robots
  • Farming robots
  • Customer Support robots

IOT Smart Devices

Step into the future with real-time sensory data collection, Edge AI analysis and remote controls.

System Integrations

ERP 2.0-3.0 & legacy CRM systems can only hold upto 30% of Grene’s data volume, velocity and variety. Grene ensures that 30% goes back into your existing ecosystem.


•Telecommunication  • Airlines  • Construction • Mining 

•Government  • Oil & Gas • Armed Forces  • Smart Cities

Make your enterprise self-driving

Upgrade to Grene for 10x increased efficiency.