A virtual workplace for remote teams

GreneOffice is the world’s first digital office space

GreneOffice simulates a physical office environment in the virtual world. It’s like going to the office, but without the commute. 

After 10 years of R&D, we have developed a work-from-anywhere solution which allows remote and distributed teams to BE AT WORK irrespective of their physical locations or time zones enabling remote and distributed teams to communicate faster, collaborate better, and be more focused and productive. With the best remote management tools in the industry, you can reduce overhead and operational costs without compromising on your company values, quality of products and services.

Give wings to your teams

Unleash the full potential of your distributed or remote teams.

Work without physical boundaries.

Not all innovation and productivity happen inside the physical office walls as not all employees work alike. Some are more productive when they work from home without noise or interruptions, while some contribute more from a variety of locations, co-working-space or travel destinations. 

Bring your global workforce to your digital workplace

Get a virtual office building for your organization. Assign a dedicated floor to every department—even teams. Grene Office delivers a hawk-eye view of your distributed workforce globally on a single screen, while also enabling micro assessments and interventions, real-time status of each team member and business operation, for greater efficiency and productivity.  

Grene Office helps you lead, manage, empower and retain your modern-day employees, who seek the work-life balance no matter whether they are working from home, cafe or co-working space or in the building next door.

GreneOffice is designed to make remote management simple, efficient and fun for your global and distributed teams. Employees can let their teams know if they are available on their virtual desk in real time. They can take a virtual walk and hang out with their colleagues for a quick chai break or a work meeting in a virtual conference room for impromptu brainstorming. 

Make collaboration and communication between your distributed workforce natural, instantaneous, fluid and effortless for increased productivity. 

Get started for free with GreneOffice. 

Real time workforce intelligence for managing  distributed and remote teams

Virtual Presence

Just like in a physical office, in your virtual office you can know wether your employee or team member is on their desk or in a private meeting, or in a video call, on a chai break with other colleagues or away from desk.

Virtual Meetings

Take a virtual walk to your team member’s cabin or virtual desk, speak on video call without the need to schedule a meeting to simply chat or have a quick discussion.

Virtual Management

Manage your distributed teams better with real time operational intelligence, track performance with AI analytics and mission control center. Green Office allows distributed teams to collaborate better and become more productive with a sense of personalized work environment. 

Team Socialising

Chai Break

Virtual socializing  with chai breaks and video conversations simulate a personal touch.

Real Time Communication

Grene Office makes real time communication a breeze. You can chat, have instant one to one or group video calls or leave a note on their desk if they are away. 

Walk In Meetings

Instant Video Chat for brainstorming and work discussions.

Track employee performance with detailed AI analytics

Manual performance reviews are fast becoming a thing of the past. Now AI tracks, evaluates and prepares detailed analytics of each employee’s performance in real-time. Based on custom and pre-defined KPIs, AI can tell the management exactly who is performing at their peak, usual or low productivity and workflow, so that you can intervene only where absolutely necessary. The built-in autonomous management on Grene Office can also effectively automate task delegation and assignment—freeing your time for higher value work and leadership. 

When it comes to identifying and matching the job on hand with the right employee, there’s no beating AI. Based on each employee’s unique performance metrics, location, experience, domain knowledge, etc.,  AI assigns tasks to the right candidate for accurate and speedy results—which improves both employee morale and your bottom line significantly.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Track the exact amount of time your staff spent at work for accurate invoicing and frictionless payments. Computer vision will capture real-time presence of the employee giving accurate time logs. 

Virtual ID

Store and access all the vital details of your employee on a smart secure ID: bank account, biometrics, medical and insurance data, and more.

Auto Logout

Secure the virtual workplace from accidental data breach and save “overtime” costs with auto logouts

A hawk eye view of your global workforce

GreneOffice provides the crucial big-picture perspective of your organization to truly empower the management and leadership. You can access both macro and micro details of your employees, teams and projects  in real-time, right from your browser. See actual location of each team member on the map every time they check in the virtual office.

Now that people have realized that with remote working they don’t need to sacrifice their personal life or space while still being productive, no one wants to go back to doing business as usual. 

Meet the changing needs of your employees: autonomy, ownership and independence – without losing productivity or profits.

Remote work benefits


Work-Life Balance

GreneOffice enables you to deliver greater work-life balance. Done right, working remotely ensures financial and personal well-being of both employees and firms. 


Get Work Done

GreneOffice is designed to empower remote teams to focus on getting work done on time and efficiently with a revolutionary virtual office management system that’s a first in the world. 


Save The Planet

The physical office is fast becoming temporary anchor points—not destinations for daily commute or work. With no need to travel to work with GreneOffice, you can finally reduce your personal and corporate carbon footprint.


For Teams Of All Sizes

GreneOffice delivers a well-trusted and proven next-generation management solution that is infinitely flexible, agile and scalable for organization of any type or size. 


Performance Tracking

Get real-time visibility into your operations and make sure your staff is actually working, not slacking or surfing the web. Assess employee performance at a glance with detailed metrics and charts.


Retain Employees

GreneOffice comes with inbuilt remote productivity and collaboration tools for distributed teams. Retain employees by reducing burnout with a flexible and goals-oriented work schedule and clear communication.


Stay Connected

Stay connected with your team and colleagues in real-time. Get alerts when a team member is “in the office” and available to talk. 


Communicate Better

GreneOffice makes formal and informal face-to-face conversations and interactions quick and more purposeful minus the chaotic distractions of a physical office.

Cut the leash

GreneOffice gives you the freedom to do more

Empower Women

Give more flexibility to your female employees during pregnancy and motherhood with remote working. 

Boost Rural Economy

Create employment opportunities for rural communities.

Hire Globally

Contribute to the global economy, hire and manage talent from any part of the world. 

Live Locally

Follow your passion and build your dream career without losing touch with your roots, family and friends.

More features

Private Meetings

Keep your discussion private and encrypted, or self-destruct your conversation logs

Secure Data Access

Grant or revoke access of your remote staff to secure data based on role, time, place, or project requirements

Mobile Access

Get notifications, fill forms and report work status directly from the smartphone. 

Team Building

Break ice or bond with your team through role-playing video games.

Better Focus

Custom white noise or music helps you focus and be more productive.

Work from Home Resources

Informal Video Call Etiquette

Act professional; dress for your audience. Don’t dress for the beach or gym. Be presentable even if you are working from home. Listen to your team, wait for your turn to ask questions, and be on-point, brief and polite when you’re speaking.

Video Conferencing Etiquette

Test your room’s lighting, best angle, and video conference application in advance. Fully charge your laptop’s or phone’s battery. During the call, use the mute button when you’re not talking. Share your screen if you’re explaining what’s on your computer. Send a private message, if you have a specific question for someone, without interrupting the group discussion.

Messaging & Chat Etiquette

Think twice-thrice before you hit send. Read your message and ask yourself if your query, request or instruction is clear and to the point. Keep your texts or chat messages to a minimum, and your tone professional and polite.

Expenses & Reimbursements

Keep a track of work-related expenses that occur while you are working from home. Raise invoices and release reimbursements on time through the remote application.

Leave & Holiday Policy

Remote work requires a business calendar with leave and holiday police like any other enterprise. When your team knows when they can take leave or plan a vacation, they can inform you in advance to avoid possible date clash or downtime. 

Business Hours vs Work Hours

Make sure to stick to an agreed-upon work schedule so that your team can rely on you. Communicate clearly when you’re available for work-related calls. Inform of any changes to your schedule. 

Bring Your Own Mobile Policy

The company doesn’t own your phone or service provider. You are free to choose your smart device for computing power and productivity.

Bring Your Own Co-Working Space Policy

Whether you want to work from home or a co-working space, it’s between you and your employer. Whatever best works for you, works for the company too.

Bring Your Own PC Policy

You can use your gaming laptop to work from home or swear by the magical power of your desktop computer. As long as you are getting work done, no one will question your choice. 

Insurance Coverage & Upgrades

Remote work doesn’t mean no health insurance coverage or paid upgrades for employees. As a general rule, make sure you are taking care of your remote workers as well as you would take care of your on-site employees. 

Bring Your Own Scooter Policy

You can choose how you want to travel for work: scooter, e-cycle or bike. You can bill the fuel expenses, of course.

Bring Your Own Car Policy

Rent a cab or drive your own car for work visits and meetings—the choice of your vehicle should be your own. Let the company reimburse the fuel.

Move your team to your virtual office

Get more done remotely.