World’s Most Advanced Enterprise Mobility App

Are you still managing your enterprise tasks and communications on WhatsApp?

Then it’s time to shift to GreneGo

GreneGo is an enterprise mobility solution that delivers efficiency with ease so that you never lose track of time, deliverables, important conversation threads and to-dos. Supercharge your teams, streamline your communications and processes for effortless productivity with GreneGo, the world’s most advanced Enterprise Mobility app. 

Team Conversations

Communicate internally with teams and externally with clients and vendors over secure and encrypted network

Task Collaborations 

Collaborate with your team of employees, freelancers and service providers spread across the globe.

Make Remote Collaboration Effortless

Working remotely is highly productive when real-time business and operational intelligence flows through the organization seamlessly and teams are connected with each other on the same screen. The Enterprise Mobility app delivers 100% paperless workflows, real-time data capturing and security, enabling accurate decision-making for faster response, quicker results and greater productivity.   

Grene ID

One of a kind mobile augmented smart secure ID that contains employee information, access management, devices management, biometrics, medical data, insurance and more customizable features.

AI Virtual Assistant

GreneGo comes with the enterprise virtual assistant TONY. Tony can take requests from employees, customers or management and find the best possible resources to ensure that a request is fulfilled in the least amount of time and cost. Powered by machine learning capabilities, Tony can learn, adapt, continuously evolve and make decisions in real time using sensory data.

Key benefits


100% paperless workflows


Real-time sensory data capturing


Improved productivity


Rapid decision making


Seamless collaboration and communication


Reduced opex


Greater portability


Increased employee responsiveness


Data security

An enterprise mobility solution in your pocket.

Upgrade your cloud enterprise with the best in mobile enterprise management solution from Grene.

Available for both iOS and Andriod.