Why GreneOS?

GreneOS takes real-time decisions

The GreneOS difference

Autonomous decision making

As per a Gartner report, organizations lose a cumulative amount of 3% of their profits due to slow or delayed decision making. Welcome to the new realm of Enterprises where real-time artificially intelligent decision making is the norm, making humans free from mundane repetitive tasks leading to a sustainable efficiency. GreneOS is an intelligent AI powered platform that continuously learns and becomes smarter each day with Machine Learning, in-turn making your enterprise hyper efficient and more productive (expect a 10x increase in efficiency).

A unified platform

Enterprises today are bombarded with an array of applications for different processes yet all of them at their core are incompatible with each other, resulting in data silos, lengthy workflows and slow decisions based on legacy data. GreneOS eliminates the need to use multiple applications for your teams and processes replacing most of these disparate applications/softwares with one unified platform. GreneOS connects all employees, customers, vendors, drones, machinery, robots,  facilities and third party resources to one single platform, making sure 100% of an enterprise’s internal and external resources converse on a single unified platform. This results in a manifold increase in efficiency, transparency, and actionable business intelligence in real-time launching an end-to-end transformation where GreneOS itself becomes the enterprise’s value chain driver. 

Democratization of data

Enormous upfront costs and per user licensing is the biggest challenge with traditional  enterprise resource planning systems. But there is another unseen and scarier disadvantage, i.e. limiting the number of users on the platform results in incomplete, broken data and loss of data precision. Your decisions are as good as your data. With GreneOS you bring 100% of your workforce (human & robotic) onto the platform from the delivery executive to the CEO with no limit on the number of users and a transaction based pricing model.

A bespoke operating system developed with Zero-Code 

Every enterprise has its own culture, and this is most seen in their data, processes and decisions. GreneOS is not a one size fits all product. It is 100% bespoke and clinically put together for each customer inorder to seamlessly fit into their culture,  needs and challenges.  We dont belive in cookie cutter-solutions. Unlike traditional enterprise softwares GreneOS can be rapidly deployed within 6-8 weeks thanks to our transformational zero code development environment that uses a drag and drop interface. Once the system is implemented, AI enables it to continuously learn and evolve with every data input and customer feedback, while increasing efficiency and cutting down time taken to make decisions.

Ready for remote work

The largest companies in the world are revamping their business models to remote and hiring employees from across the globe. Talent is no more going to be limited by location, and organisations must take advantage of this change. GreneOS enables enterprises to manage  remote and distributed workforce with GreneOffice, the world’s first virtual office space. To unleash the full potential of your workforce, enabling them to work from anywhere is the key. Developed as a mobile first platform, GreneOS enables workforce collaboration with a virtual office and provides AI based performance analytics and metrics for the management to track their performance with precision.

Carbon efficient

Cutting down carbon footprint is an important goal for today’s businesses and GreneOS can help your enterprise not just meet these goals and build a sustainable enterprise. With autonomous decision making comes increased efficiency, less human intervention, reduced errors, less wastage and substantial savings in critical resources like time and money. By enabling your workforce to work remotely with GreneOS an enterprise can cut down their carbon footprint by at least 50% while reducing dependence on physical infrastructure and high costs of running a physical office leading to  tremendous environmental as well as financial gains. 

Highest Grade Security Features

Bullet proof access

To ensure only authorised employees have access to enterprise data and their virtual office, GreneOS uses fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. Managers can also grant or revoke access of remote staff to secure data based on role, time, place, or project requirements. 

Encrypted transmission

All enterprise data is encrypted during transmission to prevent infiltration from any third party. This ensures if any if any data is intercepted by the internet service provider, the data will not be in a readable format.

Encrypted storage

Enterprise data is also encrypted in storage. Anyone with access to the database even within the company will not be able to retrieve or read the data, making your data completely secure. 

Computer vision authentication

GreneOS uses ongoing vision facial recognition to track user presence throughout the session. It also automatically logs out the user when they are not in front of the screen after a few minutes. Such leverage protects misuse of the access and streamlines ethical reporting, monitoring and surveillance of the employees when they are working from home or office.


GreneOS has an inbuilt autonomous hack detection system which identifies any attempts of unauthorised infiltrations or attempts to gain access and automatically kills the access in real time, making it highly secure and reliable.

Upgrade your Enterprise to Industry 4.0 with GreneOS

Step into the future.

Business as usual is not an option anymore.

10 years of R&D

We are Grene Robotics

An AI & Robotics focused R&D company.

Resource efficiency and its implications on a sustainable planet is the core principle behind Grene Robotics R&D and applications.

Grene Robotics started 10 years ago to “Send SAP to its grave”. The GreneOS platform has been in the making since. After 3 million lines of code, multiple millions of dollars invested, we have achieved the Autonomous ERP that will lead Industry 4.0.

Most Notable Achievements

We designed and deployed a high-altitude shelter for Indian defence research in the Himalayas that holds a Guinness World Record.

We built India’s first smart-grid that can take its own load balancing decisions for Palm Medows Hyderabad. 

We designed homes that can take their own decisions on conserving power and water.

We delivered an emergency management system that can take resource deployment decisions in milliseconds during emergencies.

Upgrade your organisation to Industry 4.0

Be ready for the fututre.